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The guard was kind enough to run by her side as he guided her. Once there, they knocked the door and a soft 'Come in.' Was heard. Opening the door, Lumine found Aether laying in a bed with Ayaka sleeping over his body. He used a finger on his mouth in a 'sshh' matter. Lumine nodded and walked to his side..

Aether and Lumine were born in Celestia from a star in the Gemini constellation. Their mother was a goddess with white hair, and eyes shone like the sun. She had tasked both siblings to defend Teyvat from the forces of the Abyss. However, years passed, and the Abyss had grown stronger.Eula's Special Day, a genshin impact fanfic | FanFiction - id: 14292238 *Disclaimer - I do not own the copyright to Genshin Impact *A/N* - Another year, another letter. Greetings everyone, I hope your day is going well or as good as it can get.

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By: JessWritesWasTaken. (Sara x Itto) [2.1 spoilers] When Aether, Yae, and Ei leave Ei's inner world, it seems like everything is resolved. But Aether can't help but feel like he's forgetting something. Or someone. Then a strange, loud man comes crashing into the courtyard, and Aether is reminded about exactly what he forgot in a terribly ear ...Aether stuck his tongue out at her, an impish smile on his face. In which Collei and Aether cook mushrooms over a campfire. Laughter, tears, and love abound amidst the smoky aromas of dinner. A direct followup to Hands-On Therapy. Part 6 of Stuff for Other People!An alternate timeline in which Signora's would be execution was interrupted and her life was saved by an unknown person. Signora's Saviour- Chapter 1. "...Filthy Rats! All of YOUUUUUU!" La Signora, the eighth of the Fatui Harbingers, charged at the Raiden Shogun in pure fury. While the Shogun charged the Musou no Hitotachi in anticipation to ...Ying | Lumine Has a Harem (Genshin Impact) Lumine is back with Aether, no longer the Abyss princess. The couple are excited to spend the rest of their centuries together as they once did. And as they decide to travel Teyvat once more, Aether realizes that he might enjoy sharing his beloved sister with other men.

POV Third Person Limited. Written Before Sumeru Release (Genshin Impact) After waiting for so long, Amber finally received a letter from Aether saying he will be visiting Mondstadt before continuing his journey. In preparation for his arrival, Amber managed to get two days off to be with Aether.Keqing (Genshin Impact) Liyue Characters (Genshin Impact) Comedy. Slice of Life. Aether baru saja menyelesaikan tugas di Fontaine lalu memutuskan pergi ke Liyue untuk beristirahat. Lalu di kota itu mereka bertemu Nahida, tapi dengan penampilan yang berbeda. Secara fisik Nahida berubah menjadi wanita Dewasa.Aether y Collei disfrutan mucho la compañía del otro, especialmente Aether el cual tiene un brillo especial en los ojos es como si uno de sus sueños se le estuviera haciendo realidad. Pero el rubio tiene cierta incertidumbre en su corazón, aunque podría tratar de hacer una movida quisiera estar seguro primero.Aether finds himself drifting in and out, trapped in his own brain. He knows what happens when he gets like this- so he also knows that it's best to find someone before he entirely loses himself for a little while. He decides …Aether breathed in the crisp mountain air, savouring the cleanliness of a world far from the reach of humans. Paimon floated off towards the mountain lake of Mount Aocang while Aether leaped off with his glider and followed after her. They found Ganyu sitting by the stone table alone on the island, in the middle of the lake.

An Aether harem fic with plot, feelings, and idiots. (FEB 2023: Rewritten ch 3 is out. Thank you to those who've stayed since 2020, back when this fic was titled Gayshin Impact.) ... Immortal Kong | Aether (Genshin Impact) (7) Other Additional Tags to Be Added (6) Fluff (5) Immortal Ying | Lumine (Genshin Impact) (5) Not Beta Read (4) …Past Kong | Aether/Venti (Genshin Impact) Inktober 2023. Sumeru Akademiya | TGP Discord's Inktober 2023 (Genshin Impact) While Lumine and Childe plan their wedding, Aether runs into an old flame. Fueled by desire and regret, he chases him. Written for The Sumeru Akademiya | TGP's Inktober 2023. Prompt: Mondstadt.A storm that will either take a life or fix a broken brotherly bond. Or both. Rated: T - English - Angst/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 10 - Words: 26,269 - Reviews: 18 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 7 - Updated: Oct 21 - Published: Jan 19 - Diluc R., Kaeya A., Klee, Razor La Fase Popular de Aether (Harem) by malconix29 reviews ….

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Upon finding Lumine and Paimon, they continued their journey to find Aether. Paimon was happy that they were all one big group of friends again and Lumine was just glad that her stupid method worked. Merno did warn her that if she pulled that stunt again he would make sure he made her share of cuisines as spicy as he could for a week, to her ...Camp Out, a genshin impact fanfic | FanFiction. Camp Out By: Ruminysus. A conversation overheard led Amber to camping out in a tree, keeping watch over a small clearing for many, many hours. Aether was able to provide food after the first 30 hours, but with plenty more hours to fill, they both have a lot to think about.Follow/Fav Xiao - Genshin Impact -Growing Feelings By: unhingedstar *Self insert (Y/N - your name) - female, wholesome, slow burn* A story about how a waitress at the Wangshu Inn ends up getting close to the mysterious Xiao.

Aether and Paimon has travel through three regions in the land of Teyvat. As the two make their way back to Mondstadt, Paimon bring up what it would be like to raise a family. That night while the two are sleeping.Deity Kong | Aether (Genshin Impact) Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence. Mentioned Havria (Genshin Impact) Their duties as guiding stars continues into Teyvat, to watch the world pass through time, and pluck the threads of fate to reweave as they deem fit for the people inhabiting it. Games Genshin Impact. Follow/Fav Winter's Rebirth. By: SwizzleC. Snezhnaya's ruler was known to be a cold, cruel, and ruthless god. With her harbingers and the most powerful military force in the seven nations, all feared the wrath of the Cryo Archon. ... Thanks to everyone who read my last Aether x Ganyu smut fic. This fic is just a little ...Kong | Aether (Genshin Impact) Pheromone (pher-o-mone) A chemical substance produced and released into the environment by an organism that affects the behavior of others in its ecosystem, including inducing sexual arousal. The Traveler is willing to do whatever it takes to find their sibling.

Aug 13, 2023 · Aether's brow furrowed, his eyes locking onto hers with an intensity that hinted at a shared understanding. "A judge's role as entertainment," he mused, his voice a thoughtful cadence. "A perspective both intriguing and unsettling." A wistful smile tugged at her lips, a vulnerable admission of her own conflicting emotions. Lumine smiled, knowing full well what she mean as they watched Aether playing with the children along with Sara and Thoma. 'I'm the happiest and luckiest girl. I love you, Aether.' She caressed her growing belly. 'And now, our family will increase. Thank you everyone who have been helping us.' The End. And here's the last chapter of this story!"Aether wake up!" "Aether!" "Idiot brother just fucking wake UP!" Lumine shouted as she kick his face hard. "Ouch! That's hurt!" He cried in pain as he suddenly saw her. "What are you doing? Spacing out while our enemy is in front of us?" She said as he saw her with her wings intact and her sword. Aether then look at himself and saw him wearing ...

Aether and Paimon watched as the Gnosis floated towards the stunned miko and entered her chest. The crowd gasped as a shockwave tore through the city and indeed the nation itself as a new Archon ascended. Yae fell to her knees as her body flooded with ancient power and knowledge.Disclaimer: Genshin Impact belongs to MiHoYo, not me. -Chapter 1 starts- ... You can see this as a romance if you squint hard, but it's mostly fluff angsty type of fic. Now, in this story, Aether left Paimon at the Adventurer's Guild in Liyue, and ventured alone. The Abyss Herald never tried enslaving Andrius, and instead the ending cutscene of ...A flash of fear crossed the Traveler's eyes, and curiously, Raiden felt both horror and satisfaction at the sight. "I could simply keep you here, Aether. God or not, I am still lightning, the rain transformed, and there is nowhere in this world that you can hide from me." Fear gave way to steel, and the Traveler glared up at her defiantly.

holosun dms th Minor One-Sided Tartaglia | Childe/Zhongli (Genshin Impact) its very breif. Married Zhongli (Genshin Impact) Married Ying | Lumine (Genshin Impact) complex relationship between two gods. like hella complex. Its not explicitly written in this fic but Lumine is Aroace spec and Zhongli is Demiromantic. milking table massage chicago Genshin Impact. La Fase Popular de Aether By: malconix29. Aether se verá obligado a detener su viaje, pero con ello llevará los deseos que ha reprimido por mucho, mucho...muchísimo tiempo, ser querido de una manera diferente y cursi. Esto va a llevarlo a descubrir las personas que siempre estuvieron interesadas en él, su deseo está ...FanFiction | unleash ... Games Genshin Impact. Follow/Fav Genshin Impact but Paimon is a system. By: KafkaOnTheMoon. This is my first story, so please go easy on me. In this story, Paimon is a system and it's like Aether is playing a game. I've decided to change the plot quite a bit, so he will sometimes face off against his sister, the ... thomasville cabinets kitchen Barbara (Genshin Impact) Paimon (Genshin Impact) Victoria (Genshin Impact) Adelinde (Genshin Impact) Romance. Aether has a new Kamera and needs Hydro to apply special filters for a special photo contest. Thankfully there is a super helpful Idol that can help. practicality crossword clue Kong | Aether and Paimon are Like Siblings (Genshin Impact) "- Aether is no longer himself, he is broken, as if he was at the end of his rope! ». These are the words of Paimon, addressed to the four Archons, as she cries her eyes out over his best friend Aether, to the incomprehension and concern of the four deities. braided accent piece crossword clue God Of Illusions By: kingleo.chuenchom. What if before Aether and his sister went to Teyvat to stopped at another word and what if Aether was given the title of God while his sister was jealous and forced the god to give her the title of Queen and what if Aether didn't join his sister when she left the world until later on when he couldn't stop ... dollar500 studio for rent in fort lauderdale genshinimpact genshin xiao childe scaramouche aether zhongli venti kazuha lumine diluc xreader genshinxreader kaeya fanfiction genshinimpactxreader paimon tartaglia liyue fatui. 1.2K Stories. Sort by: Hot ... Genshin Impact x Hazbin Hotel Reader ----- What happens when you, the Radio Demon, get interrupted by a certain spider's pig when doing a ...Kong | Aether and Paimon are Like Siblings (Genshin Impact) "- Aether is no longer himself, he is broken, as if he was at the end of his rope! ». These are the words of Paimon, addressed to the four Archons, as she cries her eyes out over his best friend Aether, to the incomprehension and concern of the four deities. afc urgent care garth road Her single-minded pursuit towards eternity was said to be the greatest ambition amongst all of the current and former Archons. The shogun's untainted divine aura shows the depths of her willingness to sever herself from the mundane world. The outlander slowly got up from the bed, albeit with a bit of difficulty.Chapter 7: Valentine's. "Hey, hey!" Hu Tao strolled over, making it seem as if the sun had just appeared. They were hanging out by Third-Round Knockout, unintentionally eavesdropping on depressing conversations on how people didn't get any chocolate. Paimon was, for a change, spending time with Yunjin. bankers life and casualty company salary A post-story quest, pre-Meropide fic where Lyney bares his heart about a certain traveler to his two siblings — une discussion à cœur ouvert, a "heart-to-heart conversation” between Hearth siblings. ... Kong | Aether (Genshin Impact) (236) Arlecchino (Genshin Impact) (200) Ying | Lumine (Genshin Impact) (191) Neuvillette (Genshin Impact ...Genshinimpact Stories Refine by tag: genshinimpact genshin xiao scaramouche childe aether zhongli venti kazuha diluc lumine kaeya xreader genshinxreader fanfiction genshinimpactxreader paimon tartaglia liyue albedo 1.2K Stories Sort by: Hot # 1 Pure (Albedo x reader) by Snoringkitten 991K 39.6K 71 tablet installation wsj crossword clue Aether closes his eyes feeling the breeze of the cold air. Even though the sun is up and so bright. The air is still cold. He found out that today's winter so that explains why the air is so cold. "Let's go," Aether said as Paimon followed. A moment later Paimon notices a camp of Hillcurl. "Aether a camp of Hillcurls!" She pointed out.Genshin Impact. Walking Alone By: ApolloBlackwood. Aether's mental health takes a turn for the worse after seeing Lumine again, making him doubt a lot of things. Unfortunately, Albedo's request isn't helping. And in the end, Aether has to make a decision. / Major character death, hj 2.3 speculation, Inazuma spoilers. firestone auto care careerswhat words can you make using the letters This breeze is so refreshing" she takes a deep breath and looks at me as she held my hands tightly. Her eyes start to glitter. I was surprised. "Aether! I always kept this in my heart, but today I mustered my courage". I was surprised as she was embarrassed. Her whole face is red. the ups store nyc The dark cloudy sky starts to densed and become even darker. Raiden eyes glowed, and I ran toward Sara and hugged her, protecting her from direct hit. Raiden Shogun then released a beam of lighting into the sky, turning it as it was before. "Kujou Sara will be banished from Inazuma.genshinimpactfanfiction fanficton +22 more # 4 Pretending To Be Mysterious by The Healer 306K 15.3K 52 (Y/n) suddenly teleported to Teyvat. free stuff craigslist huntsville alabama Chapter 1 An Archon's Offer. Childe and his fellow Harbingers sat on a large round table with the Tsaritsa on a larger throne. The Tsaritsa has called all the Ten Harbingers to discuss on the recent situation in Inazuma. There was originally eleven of them, but La Signora was not present. The empty chair was very obvious to the Harbingers.Aether once again took a stance, Lumine joining his side. They both rushed and circled around the beast in record speeds, Aether propelling himself into the air, gracefully twirling and shouting as he drove his blade down at the beast. Lumine was amazed, seeing Aether use a similar power to Merno's attacks except more controlled and potent. real lesbians making out To Sustain or to Destroy Chapter 1: The Paimon in the mirror, a genshin impact fanfic | FanFiction. Aether always feared a rematch with the Sustainer; she had taken too much. Now he learns a far darker truth surrounding her and this time he may lose Paimon and far more. (Formerly titled The Protector, the sustainer, the destroyer) Rated ... tantric massage bayswater "AETHER! STAY AWAY FROM IT!" I heard Jean call back from me, and I turned toward her. "Ae- ther." I heard the ruin guard behind me say as it sent thousands of speeding projectiles toward me at speeds I couldn't react to. I tried to pull my blade, but before I could, that rocket in front of me had already been disabled. "Leave it all to me." duckstation armored core 1 controllet not working Kong | Aether and Paimon are Like Siblings (Genshin Impact) "- Aether is no longer himself, he is broken, as if he was at the end of his rope! ». These are the words of Paimon, addressed to the four Archons, as she cries her eyes out over his best friend Aether, to the incomprehension and concern of the four deities.Genshin Impact. Star-crossed By: CitrusExtrodinaire. Teyvat is a land with a history of strife, dotted with intermittent eras of peace and prosperity. Yet during one of these hard-fought ages of calm the machinations of those with grudges to settle and a divine edict yet to be fulfilled stir from their slumber.She looks incredibly stunning tonight in her white dress. Her cold and charming eyes, just like glaze lilies. She put her hands below her chin elegantly and smiled at me. One thing about her smile, it never felt sincere, nor it felt fake. In her usual tone, she called "Aether," I gulped; she gives in a sober mood. fedex office near me 24 hours It had been Ei, Makoto, herself, and a few other friends. All Ei had left was her, the kitsune yokai Yae Miko. Miko was certain that she could convince the Traveler to give Ei the real love life she deserved for all eternity. Kamisato Ayato, however, had different plans. The second he caught whiff of the kitsune's schemes, he knew he had to act. wyndham motel 8 Hot Sex. After a successful operation between the Harbinger of the Fatui and the secret operative of Liyue, Childe and Yelan both prepare to end their partnership. However, Yelan curiously poked into the Harbinger's history, finding his origins intriguing - almost to the point of making a sensational gamble. foopahh behind the door trend No water was harmed in making of this fic; Immortal and his Mortal; Top Wriothesley/Bottom Neuvillette (Genshin Impact) Summary. ... Kong | Aether (Genshin Impact) (20054) Ying | Lumine (Genshin Impact) (19009) Venti (Genshin Impact) (17726) Scaramouche (Genshin Impact) (15350) electronics walmart phone number Her glance flickers over to Aether; the twin of void, and a tendril comes to strike him. Aether grunts as he pushes himself back to avoid it. Amidst the noise a tendril targets Lumine, who isn't as quick as her brother. The color of flames quickly engulfs her blade, then arms, then-"Lumine!"With a loud cry, Keqing ran towards Aether. Aether turned, surprised, and parried her first strike. Quick and light on her feet, just as the Yunlai School of Swordsmanship had taught. She dashed around Aether, striking and slashing at any exposed skin. Aether parried and struck back accordingly, and Ningguang stepped in from behind.]